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3 Must-Do’s For Your Google Business Profile

Written by Mike Hepburn on September 3, 2022
We outline some tips to follow when trying to strengthen your brand online.

The Google Business Profile is a listing service. Any company owner can add or take over a listing for their company. A profile allows a company to increase its online visibility, get more customer reviews, and get more clicks from Google Maps.

How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Your website isn’t the only thing that needs constant maintenance and tweaking; Google Business Profile management is just as important. Are you using this? Make these three changes immediately:

1. Review All Your NAP Information

The “Info tab” is the first place to go. You can find the relevant NAP details under the “Info” tab.

The first step is to check your company name.

  • When you type the name, do you get the right one?
  • Does it share the same format as Yelp and other sites?
  • Is it the same as the one listed on your business?

If any of these are false, it could be time to rebrand your company.

Second, double-check your address.

  • Is “Street” actually “Drive”?
  • Do you need the address of the building?
  • Correct this page if you find any inaccuracies.
  • Aside from selecting the appropriate business sector, clicking “Clear Address” to delete your address should be an option if you wish to protect your privacy.

The last step is to double-check your phone number.

  • Check that you have used the correct company name and primary contact number. When calling your company, always give out the main office number, even if you have a separate line for each employee.
  • Check out BrightLocal if you want to control your listings on a wide range of directories.

2. Update Your Business Category and Description

You’ll find the description area for your company at the very end of the Info tab.

  • Include a short history of your company, a statement of core values, a list of the products and services you offer, and a description of the geographic areas you serve.
  • Including the areas and services you offer sends a signal to Google to boost your ranking for those search terms in those areas.
  • Use one of the online storefronts if you deal in drop shipping. Be sure to check off every applicable box.
  • When starting a company, it’s essential to categorize yourself correctly. You’ll want to pick a coffee shop if you run a coffee shop.

3. Always Respond To Your Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is gathered and displayed in your business profile. To read through all of the comments left about your company, click on the “Reviews” link. Your reviews will initially be presented in reverse chronological order. Selecting the “Haven’t Replied” option will reveal which ratings have not been addressed.

You can use this page to respond to each review individually. Include both positive and negative feedback. Make sure to mention the reviewer specifically in your responses. In addition, use the appropriate keywords where you can. You’ll have a better chance of being found for a specific search term if you use that term multiple times in your profile.

If you need any help with your Google profile, don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our team members will call you shortly to discuss your requirements.