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3 New Family Traditions You Can Use This Christmas With Technology

It is usually not a good idea to indulge in much of today’s advanced technology during the festive season. Unfortunately, one frequently interferes with the other, leaving much to be desired. There is no doubt that technology is becoming as commonplace as any other household item, with far more than 4 billion smartphone device owners and 58% of the world’s population using the internet.

Everyone gets excited during the holiday season. So our team at FuneralClicks has compiled this list by bringing you these three new family traditions you can use this Christmas with technology.

Traditions To Celebrate Christmas With Technology

Christmas is around the corner, and you haven’t started making preparations for it? No need to worry; these new family traditions will help you enjoy Christmas just as much: 

Utilize Technology To Its Fullest 

Incorporating technology isn’t necessarily bad, as it has unquestionably made our lives easier and more comfortable. While time-honored customs like gift-giving and family get-togethers remain popular, newer activities inspired by technology are gaining ground. Despite the widespread belief that technology drives people apart rather than brings them together, here’s a plan to bring the family even closer together this holiday season with the help of technology itself!


You can send festive digital greeting cards and short videos to friends and family with the help of a number of apps and simple editing software. People you might not get to spend the holidays with this year, such as grandparents, family friends, aunts, uncles, and cousins, would love to receive one. Create some warm and fuzzy memories with your family, even if you’re able to see them in person by making an e-card or video.

Donate To A Good Cause

During this time of year, thousands of charities and nonprofits vie for your time and money. Spend an hour as a family in front of the computer discussing potential charities to which you could all donate. Such resources make it easier to learn about the world’s plight and the most effective ways to help. Consider how much or how little your relatives want to contribute in advance, and remember that any amount helps. Determine what causes are important to your children and allow them to choose a charity they wish to support.

Creative Digital Slideshows

The average family has thousands of pictures on their mobile devices. Make an online photo album for the family and encourage everyone to contribute. Then get together to view the slideshows and catch up with people you haven’t seen this year. Most smartphones come with built-in photo apps that can be useful here. Your grandparents will adore these slideshows as well.  

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