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5 Reasons You Need To Increase Online Reviews

Reviews are essential for any business but especially crucial for funeral homes. Families usually want to give their loved ones the finest possible funeral, so they often go to the opinions of others for guidance. 59% of shoppers read reviews on at least three different sites before making a large purchase. Reviewing options is crucial because funeral costs are among a family’s most significant expenditures. Customer reviews may make or break your funeral home business, so we’ve compiled a list of five strategies to increase online reviews and benefit from them.

Tips To Increase Online Reviews

Here are some tips to increase online reviews:

1. Promote your funeral home as the go-to option for planning a funeral

Positive feedback from families who have used your funeral home repeatedly demonstrates your high-quality services. If your funeral home has glowing reviews, it is more likely to be picked from among the 14 options on search engine results pages, many of which may have either few reviews or ones that are several years old. Funeral homes can use the following strategies to increase the number of positive testimonials they receive from grieving families:

2. Simplify the Procedure

If your clients are required to complete many online forms before they can submit a review, you should expect very few of them actually to do so. In contrast, if you want to increase online reviews, you have to request a customer’s name and email address before giving them the opportunity to do so. To incorporate a customer’s positive comment in one of your online reviews, ask them whether they mind being cited.

3. Be bold and request feedback from your clientele.

Almost seventy percent of delighted clients are willing to leave a favorable review after their purchase. Customers would gladly submit feedback to businesses that treat them well if requested. Funeral directors should take this chance to demonstrate their commitment to superior client care. Since search engine results will display only one of these sites, this is crucial. You’ll stand out from the crowd with the help of these glowing reviews.

4. Highlight the Positive Feedback Received From Families Who Used Your Funeral Services

Reviews are among the most persuasive methods to demonstrate to prospective families that they’ll receive outstanding service. A funeral home must highlight the positive reviews they have received from satisfied customers. It will ensure that people view the reviews and give your business the value of having them there.

5. Increase Your Business’ Visibility Online

Why not spend money on your business’s online reputation to make it better than the rest of the industry and get more online reviews? When a family approaches your funeral home having read positive reviews online, you will be grateful that you took the time to cultivate that level of trust before their arrival.

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