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5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process used to get a website’s listing to the top of the SERPs (search engine’s result page) organically (non-paid). You can do certain things on and off your funeral home website to guarantee that your establishment appears when someone searches for “Funeral Home” and “Your City” on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Helpful Tips For Higher Google Ranking

In our years working with funeral homes, we at Funeral Clicks have developed a well-proven strategy that gets our clients to a top rank on search engines. Here are some tips to get your website on Google’s first page:

  • Your funeral home site has six to seven main pages- Home Page, About Us, Services, Our Staff, and Contact Us. There could also be a pre-planning and obituary page. There are particular main aspects to consider if you want to get your funeral home listing on Google’s first page. A site’s internal pages can be optimized for two and three different keyword combinations.
  • There are various high-traffic keyword combinations for every geographic area you can use when potential clients are looking for funeral services and related solutions. This is what you must keep in mind when getting your website designed.
  • Build out one page for each of the services you offer. For example, you may provide full-service funerals, cremations, casket sales, embalming services, green funerals, and pre-planning. When you have a separate page for each service, your website will show up for those specific keywords when someone is searching.
  • Make sure you have a separate page for each city or sub-cities you cater to.
  • You also need to have a page optimized for those exact keywords in your base city and every sub-city you serve. Optimizing for your main city is not enough, and you must also follow the same SEO strategy for all the sub-cities.
  • Take these sub-cities and suffix them with your target keywords such as funeral home, funeral services, funeral director, etc., so your site will get indexed in all those sub-cities. These individual pages will help you gain a higher rank on Google.
  • Research all the search terms that matter to your potential and existing clients, then create content that provides solutions related to those specific keywords.
  • Ensuring your site includes internal links and provides content that earns quality backlinks from credible websites.
  • Your website content must align with current SEO best practices that provide an excellent user experience.

Tactics like cramming your web pages with keywords and keywords creating content and pages only with web crawlers in view aren’t adequate any longer. If you use these dated tactics, Google can penalize you, resulting in a slip in your rankings. Therefore, you need to evaluate your website regularly, check on keyword performance, and ensure your website holds valuable content. You’ll have a better chance of getting your website to Google’s first page.

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