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About Mike Hepburn

An advantage that we feel we have over any other Digital Marketing Agency offering services to Funeral Homes, is the experience that Mike Hepburn has with the profession. He has over 29 years of experience working in, and around the funeral profession.

It all started in 1992, at his family’s funeral home located in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada. It was a small Funeral Home run by his brother-in-law. Mike was commissioned to do many tasks around the funeral home including:

  • Washing the vehicles
  • Working the Donation Desk
  • Managing the Visitation with the family
  • Driving the lead car on funerals
  • and many, many pick-ups

This continued until 1998 when FrontRunner Professional (FRP) was founded by Mike and his brother-in-law. FRP offered websites to funeral homes at a time that many funeral homeowners/managers didn’t believe they needed a website. Mike was the lead on sales and customer relations and connected with a great deal of individuals who were funeral homeowners/managers to funeral profession suppliers. FRP continued to grow very rapidly, mainly through their partnership with Matthews International. Before long, FRP had over 20 full-time employees with a few of them being family members of Mike’s.

After leaving FRP in 2013, FuneralTech was born. With all of the relationships created over the years, it didn’t take long for FuneralTech to become very successful in offering Funeral Home Management Software and Funeral Home websites. In 2016. Mike made a decision to sell his interest in FuneralTech and start his own Digital Marketing Company called YourSocialStrategy.com when he saw the immense need for an affordable option for small to medium businesses in the digital marketing realm.

Fast forward to today, and we’re so excited to be offering FuneralClicks.com. Bringing all of the knowledge we’ve gained over the years working with funeral homes, and pairing it with our digital marketing skills – FuneralClicks is truly a one-stop shop for funeral home and cremation providers.

Mike Hepburn, Owner of FuneralClicks.com

For the past 5 years, Mike, Shelby Stone (former Project Manager at FrontRunner & FuneralTech), and his team have been focused on building a client base that includes many Funeral Homes along with local businesses in and around Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Mike says “I really feel that with my experience with Funeral Homes, and the families they serve, it makes it easier for us to understand their marketing challenges and how to drive potential new families to their virtual front door. With the comprehensive Digital Marketing Package we offer through FuneralClicks.com, we can provide a complete solution that looks after ALL of the Funeral Home needs in terms of their Digital Marketing Strategy.”

Contact Mike anytime if you have any questions.

YourSocialStrategy.com - Digital Marketing Agency

About YourSocialStrategy.com

FuneralClicks.com is a new Digital Marketing Package being offered to Funeral Homes by YourSocialStrategy.com (YSS). YourSocialStrategy.com offers a la carte Digital Marketing Services to many types of businesses, including Funeral Homes.

Owned and Operated by Mike Hepburn, YourSocialStrategy.com has been in business since July, 2016.

We have been a member of the Ontario Funeral Service Association (OFSA) and a Funeral Service Supplier to the International Order of the Golden Rule (OGR).

YourSocialStrategy.com was built under the premise of being an affordable option for businesses that are looking for Digital Marketing Services. Sometimes it can be very difficult to purchase a Social Media Strategy for $1500.00 a month when they are looking for more of an introductory to Facebook Marketing. Our team can help you with achieving results in any of our services:

  • Social Media Marketing – more info
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Pinterest Marketing
    • Tik Tok Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – more info
    • On-Page Expertise
    • Off-Page Expertise
  • Content Marketing Services
    • Web Page Developement
    • Custom Blog Article Writing
  • Logo Design & Traditional Print Marketing – more info

If you are interested in learning more about what YourSocialStrategy.com offers, follow this link.

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