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Email Subject Lines That Actually Get Opened

The typical inbox is overflowing with emails that arrive on a near-daily basis. Billions of emails are being sent and received worldwide every day, with the average web user receiving 65 emails daily. It means a lot of people are competing for your audience’s attention.

The subject line is your most powerful weapon in the battle for attention. Your email’s subject line is the doorway to it. They are often deciding factors in whether or not an email is opened. According to research, 35% of people read emails based exclusively on the subject line.

The job of a subject line is a tricky one. Setting expectations, drawing attention, and presenting value all have to be accomplished within a limited number of characters. These obligations might be a challenge, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

Tips for a Successful Email Subject Line

Short Subject Lines – Subject lines must be around 60 characters (ideally under 50). Typically, subject lines of about 28-39 words work the best.

Emphasize On The Subject – A well-written email will have a single point of emphasis. Subject lines with targeted keywords at the start of the line are the best way to do this.

Disruptive Subject Lines – Well-written subject lines pique readers’ interest, inspire a laugh or a thought from them, or some combination thereof.

Ask Questions – You can get people’s attention by asking them questions directly related to their needs and interests.

Break up the Subject lines – If you’re trying to stand out from a long list of topics, use numbers, punctuation, and characters.

Match Expectations

Your subject line must be consistent with the activities and assumptions of the intended audience. What’s the point of this email? Were they asked to join a mailing list, try a product, or open a support ticket?

Users who have signed up for your newsletter have shown an interest in what you have to say and want to get more of it. They haven’t mentioned buying anything, so there is no need for an overtly promotional subject line. It is preferable to use a basic, clear subject line to identify the newsletter when it comes to this situation.

Personalize The Email Subject Lines

Whether or not to use personalized subject lines in email is controversial. Some sources strongly advocate personalization, while others say it is unproductive or harmful. Email subject lines with a person’s name tend to be among the top and worst performers.

There are a few restrictions to the use of customization in our experience. Many companies fail to personalize beyond the user’s first name, a common mistake. The usefulness of this method has been reduced because it is now prevalent.

More effective personalization includes things like the company’s name, the location of the data, and interest profiling. It’s also important not to overemphasize personalized information when implementing customization. These are just a few tips for writing email subject lines, and it takes some experimentation to determine what works best for your needs.

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