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How Can I Increase Google Ad Conversions?

Written by Mike Hepburn on October 15, 2022

The recommendation to “optimize your Google Ads” is one you’ve likely heard more than you can keep track of. But what does that imply? Is it worth it, and where should you begin? Optimization, in its simplest form, refers to taking measures to improve advertising efficiency. A well-optimized advertisement reaches its intended demographic with its intended offer at the planned time without breaking the bank. When is it a good idea to optimize for Google Ad Conversions? There are times when you know you have to take care of something right away. For instance, you may have a high CPC but a low ROAS (return on ad spend). At Funeral Clicks, we know that ad optimization isn’t just a one-time fix for poor performers; it’s a never-ending improvement cycle.

Ways To Increase Google Ad Conversions

Successfully increasing conversions from Google ads can be done in several ways, including:

1. Select The Right Keywords

The first step in Google Ads optimization is selecting keywords that will best connect your ads with the terms your target audience uses to find online businesses like yours. You risk having your ads go unnoticed by the desired audience if your chosen keywords aren’t relevant to their interests.

2. Improve (CTR) For Higher Google Ad Conversions

Getting that first click from potential customers is crucial, so how do you hook their attention? Provide something of value first. Highlight the benefits that no other similar offer provides in your headline and body copy. Put in some incentives, like recommendations from others or a free trial, and include a compelling call to action. Your audience is now wholly focused on you. Write persuasive text for your CTA now to encourage people to click. Utilizing actionable language and making the benefit obvious is helpful.

3. Improve Your Google Quality Score

As a diagnostic tool, Google’s Quality Score ranks ad quality from 1 to 10, allowing advertisers to see how their ads stack up against the competition. Your ad’s position in search results will improve as your Quality Score rises (SERPs). When an ad receives a low score, the keywords, ad copy, or landing page could use some work.

When calculating a Quality Score, Google considers average click-through rate (CTR), ad relevance, and landing page quality. Expected CTR gauges a user’s tendency to click your advertisement. The relevance of your ad depends on how closely the words in your ad copy match the keywords in your ad group. The quality of the landing page experience is determined by how closely the content of the landing page corresponds to the content of the advertising campaign.

4. Improve Ad Relevance

If you click on your ad, customers are interested in what you’re selling. Ad-to-page relevance is now pivotal in retaining that interest. With ad-to-page relevancy, your brand’s message will remain constant as the user navigates through various advertising mediums. Maintaining this level of uniformity is crucial for gaining the trust of potential customers in your brand.

For information on how we can help improve Google Ad conversions, please contact FuneralClicks, and one of our team members will call you shortly to discuss your requirements.