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5 Funeral Home Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Business

5 Funeral Home Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Business

Written by Mike Hepburn on August 2, 2022

A funeral home is akin to other small businesses. And as such, you must advertise to gain new clients and remarket to stay in the view of existing clients to increase sales and grow your business. Here are five funeral home marketing tactics to help you boost your business:

1. Your Establishment Will Stand Out More With A Professionally Designed Logo

The reliability and visibility of your funeral home’s name and logo are essential to its success. Making your brand more memorable is one of the main goals of creating a logo. It also gives the impression that your company is serious about its operations and trustworthy to customers. Numerous online resources feature independent logo designers for hire. For future adaptability, you should have a colour and a black and white logo in addition to the different file types. This is because you will promote your brand whenever possible.

2. Create A Website That People Will Find Useful

To increase your sales, you should ensure your website is up-to-date and works well on smartphones. Provide valuable information to those thinking about using your services and give your current customers access to tools that will make their lives easier. If customers can’t pay you electronically, that’s a significant drawback that needs fixing. Make sure your entire contact information page is easily accessible on your website. Give visitors a compelling reason to provide their information so you can market to them in the future.

3. Keep Your Brand Image Consistent

Your brand is the sum of all your marketing materials, including websites, flyers, postcards, business cards, online ads, social media profiles, etc. Brand identity is strengthened by maintaining parity in all communications. Maintain brand cohesiveness by utilizing a consistent typeface and colour palette throughout your promotional materials. Maintain a steady, recognizable voice in your communications; zero in on what will most appeal to your intended audience and never stray from that.

4. Make use of Direct Mail Marketing

Even though it’s an old marketing tactic, direct mail is still very effective at bringing in new customers for funeral homes. Repeated mailings to homes with residents aged 55 and up will help to build brand awareness and educate potential customers. Adding a brand item will pique their interest, making them more likely to look up your message, and it will also get the contact details into their home, where they will remain until they decide to convert.

5. Establish a Personal Link

Pay less attention to the technical aspects of your services and more attention to the emotional value they add. In your advertising, highlight how your loved ones will benefit from the money, time, and stress they will save by planning ahead of time. Most people would be very concerned about this but rarely consider it. Use narratives in your advertising, as people are more likely to connect with anecdotes than with lists of statistics.

For information on marketing tactics to boost your business, please contact FuneralClicks, and one of our team members will call you shortly to discuss your requirements.

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